welcome to my closet

too bad i am not gay

5 August
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My name is Matthew Higgins and i have a out-going pesonality, but only recently. I decided that there really wasn't any point in staying silent the entire time so i let myself relax. I am very pro-person in the sense of individuality and self-expression. If you have a question then ask, the answers that you recieve from me may not be what you were expecting. i am a little on the short side, i am only 5'6" but i feel as if i am meant for bigger and better things. i love people that can find humor in anything and i am in my zone when i in a one on one discussion. when i am with a group of friends i tend to stay silent. i have a weird sense of humor in the sense that i think of new angles that you probably didnt see coming. i am actually an astute listener and have a compulsion to give sagely advice when hearing problems. dont let it faze you, i really only mean the best. i am great at sports though, even though i am short when i dedicate myself to something i achieve it. i havent found a limit yet, and i dont expect to find one. if you are interested in having a great discussion though talk to me, i may seem a little eccentric if you catch me at the right time, but i promise i will grow on you.
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